Viddy 1.3.9

Social video sharing


  • Easy to use
  • Interesting use of filters
  • Connect to other social networks


  • Encoding is performed on the device
  • No parental filtering

Very good

Viddy is a video sharing app.

You take a 15 second video clip, add effects, and music and then upload it to Viddy's servers. You can also share the video on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Tumblr.

Using the app is easy, just take the video with the device's camera and then add effects and music. Encoding time of the video depends on the device you are using, so older devices may take longer. The quality of the video is good, but it is not really high definition.

Viddy also supports hashtags and geotagging so you can find videos through different tags. It is an interesting idea to share short videos, but privacy and adult content will be a concern for parents.

Viddy is a great idea and it will be interesting to see what users can do in 15 seconds.



Viddy 1.3.9

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